Passover with Deerfield Neighbors is a Wonderful Release

I’m not a big religious ceremony guy, but I just came back from a  Passover Seder and I am still giddy with the excitement and feeling of cleansing that comes after the whole process and ritual.

It’s not my incredible passion for the Jewish religion, more, it’s my respect for tradition and love of community.  Eve Brown-Waite invited me, just because I’m her Facebook friend.  And her husband John is the chair of our town’s planning board, and I’ve met him a few times in the course of daily business. They live on Keets Road in Deerfield.

It was an intimate gathering–you bared your soul as we followed the story of how the Jews managed to get out of the desert after 40 years.  In between reading from a booklet and eating different foods like parsley dipped in salt, and other special dishes, it was also a chance to share intimate feelings.

We went around the table to share a bitter memory that turned out for the good. It was a great compliment to the horseradish and apple ‘Hillel sandwiches. Later we shared something in our lives that made us really happy.

I was so glad to see Beth Lorenz sitting my side, and a group of people including a gay couple and several others, as we shed our outer shell to truly share what we were feeling.

I need more of this, and thank you Eve Brown-Waite and John Waite for inviting me into your home tonight.