Life in the 413: Having a Little Fun with our Beloved Valley

There’s something really wonderful about living in the same place for few decades. Not only do you know where all the best parking is, and where not to eat, but after about 20 years, there are jokes, traditions, and past events that collectively we all know about.  Pioneer Valley people in many ways are in the same groove. We like it here and it’s fun to celebrate it.

This Saturday, New Century Theatre brings together some of the funniest and most familiar names in the Valley to celebrate Life in the 413!  It’s this Saturday at a new venue–the Academy of Music inLIFE IN 413 Title Logo 01 downtown Northampton.  Here’s how MassLive describes this year’s show.

Host Monte Belmonte will be on stage mastering the ceremony as only he can.   Bands like the Winterpills, Kalliope Jones, and the Expandable Brass Band will be playing…and best of all, we will all get the jokes, since it’s all about our beloved Pioneer Valley.  It will be five short radio plays, like in the old days, all set and all about living here in the Valley.

No, it’s not WestMass.  That was a nice try, but sorry, those Oklahoma people just don’t get Western Mass and what we’re all about. I mean, Michael Jordan?  He’s never even set foot in Amherst, or ever strolled the streets of Northampton trying to avoid the panhandlers.

Cartoonist Hillary Price, and radio lady Kelsey Flynn, City Council President Bill Dwight, and Phil O’Donohue, all familiar faces to Valley residents, will entertain us with inside jokes and entertainment. There will be a team of sound effects people too, adding to the fun.

I’ve been to a few of these and the best part is how familiar it all is.   Get tickets and join us!