Amtrak’n it Down to The Big Apple Today

Canada is full of great travel stories
Canada is full of great travel stories!

I love a good reason to jump on a train again.  And that reason tomorrow is an annual tradition–Canada Media Market, when I get a chance to visit with dozens of tourism officials who meet up at the Grand Hyatt Hotel for a day of networking with travel journalists.

I’ve been to a bunch of these–they alternate between San Francisco and New York.  I always enjoy the camaraderie of my travel writing brothers and sisters as well as the friendly people who handle tourism in our big northern neighbor.

I”m very happy to be taking the train down instead of driving, though it means quite a number of ours sitting in the comfy Amtrak seat.

I keep meaning to figure out how to download movies to watch instead of relying on the train’s erratic signal. I might just figure that out today too.