The Zombies Bring ’60s Grooves to the Calvin

The Zombies perform "She's Not There," their 1965 hit, on an old video.
The Zombies perform “She’s Not There,” their 1965 hit, on an old video.

She’s Not There….a song we’ve played during our Wednesday night jams many times.  That song is one of many written by an old band, the Zombies, who are coming to Northampton this Friday.   I love this old video where the band, dressed in suits, plays in a black and white movie, their hit song, She’s Not There.

Jeffrey Engel, a YouTube user, had this to say about the song.
“When this song came out, there was nothing else that sounded like it on pop radio. It was in a dark, mysterious minor key and the vocals were breathy and smoky, with a chorus that almost sounds out of control. Everything on the radio that wasn’t jazz or blues was Beatlesesque or similar, more upbeat, clearer voices, major keys, etc.. Even the Kinks weren’t this dark. This is what set the Zombies apart from everyone else.”
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