Welcome to a Wireless World,Whether You Like it or Not!

Now I can type on my phone with a real keyboard. wow. I just plugged my iPhone into a Bluetooth keyboard. Cool!

I can post blogs with this…i can bring this on a trip with me and leave my laptop at home. Can I? 

Ok, well to test this out, I am going to write a blog now. The blog is about wireless technology, and how most people don’t use it. 

There are of course the early adopters, but for the majority of people a set of wireless headphones seems like something that George Jetson would wear. They listen to the car radio, or put on a CD. I know a lot of people like that.

Soon, though, if you upgrade your iPhone, there won’t be any place to plug in your favorite pair of Beats. No place for that sad little white set of headphones that come with the phone, well, up to the 6S, and have terrible sound.   

Now you’re obligated to drop at least $100 on a pair of wireless headphones. Welcome to 1984, in 2017!