Brooklyn Is My Next Stop

I am looking forward to a short little trip on Sunday, to the nation’s fifth largest city….Brooklyn, New York.  I’ll be staying at the Marriott Brooklyn Bridge, between the Heights and Williamsburg, for two nights.

I’ve enjoyed visiting the Park Slope neighborhood a few times, and every time I’m there it has that same energy as Manhattan does, but it’s just a little more Seinfeld feeling.  The brownstones that used to be occupied by three and four families are now all one unit, owned by a billionaire or a celebrity.  I want to visit my friend Tom in Williamsburg, which is to the north but not far.

I like going some place without a long itinerary or a lot of things I have to do. That will leave time to let things happen. I did contact NYC and Co to see what kinds of tours I might be able to arrange in Brooklyn but never heard back.

The reason I’m going to Brooklyn is because I am testing out a new hotel booking website, called   It allows people to sign up, then book a hotel from over 200,000 properties, and then receive Bonwi points back, which can quickly add up. For example, the hotel I’m staying in will reward me with 17,000 points.  If I reserved a few more hotel nights using this site, I’d qualify for free hotel nights for a future date.

It’s an easy to use website, and I think they’re on to something good!