Kate and Jon and their Families Get Married

Kate and Jon officially tie the knot at a small ceremony in their Northfield home, joining their two families together.

What an exciting day for our family!   My daughter Kate got married to Jon Sliva, and just about all of us got a chance to toast her on her wedding day, right in her own house.

Kate and Jon began combining their households months ago, but on Saturday, Feb 11, everything was made official, with Kate’s dear friend Jane officiating at the ceremony in their big living room. She can do that, I was told.

Sofie reads a poem about love at the small ceremony in their living room.
Sofie reads a poem about love at the small ceremony in their living room.

My sisters, cousins, and many, many of their friends, were all there to see it.

The "Slivartsmes" after the official ceremony...a blended family for the ages!
The “Slivartsmes” after the official ceremony…a blended family for the ages!

And the toasts came next with my grandson Nathan providing his own mea culpa about how much he’s come to love Jon and his new sisters and brothers, despite his fierce 10-year-old resistance.
Now that he is 11 going on 20, he’s changed his tune.

RJ, who is the oldest of the gang, and Hannah took the mic and both spoke of their admiration for the union, and what a great idea this all is.  I think they are both happy in the big Northfield house, which was the second star after the newlyweds.  Such a comfortable space with all of those different big rooms.

Sofie got a chance to toast the bride and groom and got a bit out, but exploded in a puddle–it was just too dear to her heart, and like many of us, she was nearly overcome by emotion.

The party’s DJ played just the right songs, keeping many people on the dance floor and conga lines ensued. It was a great party all around and I am so happy for all of them that they’ve made everything official.

Congratulations Jon and Kate!