Valley Voices: A Nice January Surprise

voice of the valleyI met Janice Beetle a month or so ago at an art opening. We chatted for a bit and I didn’t know she wrote a weekly profile column on MassLive every week.

So I was tickled and pleased when the brief interview I did with her over email came out as a profile on the website and in the Republican Newspaper. In fact a friend of mine who I didn’t know read the paper commented that he’d seen me in there before I showed it to him.

I still get a big kick out of being in a newspaper, or being a part of a big group of bloggers who answer simple questions. It’s all good.  I think publicity is one of those things that comes in waves….you go for a long time without being in the paper, and then, like this year, I get featured in the Recorder, the Republican and a bunch of travel websites.