Getting Ready for the Big Show Next Week

nervousEvery time I get a chance to do a speaking presentation, I get terribly nervous.  And every time, for the past 15 years, it’s always worked out well. Still, I think the anxiety makes me work harder and ultimately pushes me to get it better every time.

Next week, I’ll drive down to the Big Apple first for a meeting with a bunch of travel writers and tourism officials, called IMM.  This is a one-day meet-up that combines the writers and the people who want us to write about them–a room full of great story topics.

And after many sessions of speed dating, meeting for 15 minutes with tourism people, we’ll retire to a good old cocktail party and hob knob with many of my beloved colleagues.

I’m staying in an as-yet-unnamed hotel somewhere in Manhattan for Wednesday and Thursday, and then on Friday I’ll switch to the Sofitel New York. That will be a treat, and even better, Mary will come down and join me.

Lots of parties, get togethers and networking ahead at the New York Times Travel Show, where my bud Paul Shoul and I will do a presentation about how to be a travel writer.

Lots to plan, lots of possible reasons to be nervous and anxious, and yet–it’s all going to work out fine!