My Neighbor’s House, Why Do I Care About His Junk Cars?

I was so happy to see this junk car go bye bye today.
I was so happy to see this junk car go bye bye today.

Sometimes I feel like a grouchy old man.  I guess I have to admit at some point that I’m old….hey I just celebrated my 58th birthday last weekend. So today, like the true old grouch that I am, I felt terrific when I heard a tow truck across the street making the familiar back-up noise as he was about to hitch up a broken down car.

I headed out to the front door, and caught the eye of the guy who owns the house.  He’s the father of the young man who lives there.  I flashed him the ‘thumbs up!’ sign, as the truck was making too much noise for him to hear me. But he got my drift, and headed over to chat.

I spend a lot of time (probably too much time) peering out my windows at my neighbor’s houses.  Having a bunch of unregistered cars parked there, and across the street at my other neighbor’s house, just bugs me. Why don’t they get rid of them?

This same neighbor had a broken down minivan that sat in his driveway for a few years before this, so the Mercedes was just removed was parked there for just a year.

The landlord, who stopped by to talk, told me that his insurance company told him he had to do a whole lot of improvements to the house in order to get covered by insurance.

So that explains the nice new paint job, and the tree removal that took place a few weeks ago, clearing away lots of high branches.

But I do wonder what it is that bugs me…I guess it’s that this is a tidy street, and everyone keeps their houses up nicely, so seeing junk cars sitting without license plates in driveways and on lawns just seems wrong.

But some would argue that everyone has the right to live with as many dead cars as they want. And I didn’t ask anyone to move the cars…I’m just a bit thrilled that they are finally gone.  Now, maybe neighbor number two will get the hint!