To Japan on Thursday, Still Figuring out Tickets and Details

The Hokuriku region of Japan, where I am headed next week.
The Hokuriku region of Japan, where I am headed next week.

I’ve decided to add an extra night to my Japan trip so I can enjoy some of the fun of Tokyo.  My journey to Hokuriku, “The Japanese Alps,” takes me out of Tokyo after one day, so I moved my flight up to the day before. I will thus have the challenge of figuring out how to get to my hotel in Tokyo without the assistance of a driver.  Today’s work includes a Google search about how to get from Tokyo Haneda airport to my downtown hotel, the Tokyo Ginza.

It seems easy, as I troll various pages on TripAdvisor, but then again, those signs in Japanese could trip me up big time. I am pushing ahead here, even though as is often the case, I don’t have any airline reservations yet, (the flight is Thursday of this week), and I am still a big vague about who I am meeting and how it will all work.

But this reminds me of when I was young and liked to ski.  If you’re just a little bit out of control, and wiz down without too many cares, things have a way of working themselves out. And so, I am confident that I will get from the airport to my hotel, catch much needed zzzs, and the next day be ready to jump up and take the food tour through Tokyo as scheduled.

Things have a a way of working out. I know it.