It’s Time to Stop Working All Alone

alone 1I’m in a funk down in my office, trying to muddle through the day.  I think all of this time alone is finally making me crazy….having no work mates nor anyone around me for the duration of the work day is taking a toll.  Talking to myself is making me looney, and I don’t know what to do.  I think I might have to leave in a minute and take my laptop to the library to be in the company of a few others, albeit strangers.

Nobody I knew ever told me about this aspect of self-employment, how I would spend day upon day alone, working, while others went out to their schools or their factories or their offices. I thought about it back when I had my own office in town, where my associate editor Steve worked with me, and the cast of characters was ever-changing, people coming and going.

I thought back then–what will I do when I finally close this office?  But I never realized how much I’d miss the simple sound of other people around me. I think I have to pull a trigger and finally act on my hunch–I need a place to go every day, and I can’t keep on like this.  I pace up and down stairs, fiddling diddling, and not getting that much done. I do get work done but the mental cost is too much. I can’t take it.