Time Bends While I Travel

Losinj Croatia
Losinj Croatia

It’s always a bit hard adjusting to the regular life after a week away.  One thing that’s always consistent about frequent travel is that it feels like I’ve been gone longer than I really have.

In just one week, what really is new at home? Not that much. I always expect to go to the post office and find a cascade, a huge overflowing mailbox. But then I get there and it’s pffftt… not much at all.   I ask people what’s new and they scratch their heads. Nothing, really. It’s been a normal week, the same-old, same-old.

But for me, I’ve just experienced a whole new place. I met all of these new people, and saw another country’s shoreline, and attractions, and spent time in places that were totally new to me. So I’m looking at my photos, and re-reading posts that I wrote when I was staying in that big hotel in Losinj Croatia and I think, wow, I was there for a long time.

But it was only a week.  It’s a nice phenomenon, that going someplace new and different, time slows down a bit.  Inevitably after the first full day, I think, “I’ve only been here for 24 hours but it feels like so much longer.”