Poker on a Sunday Afternoon: Nothing I’d Rather Do!

Time for a poker game in Sunderland!
It’s time for poker. YAY!

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do right now than join my five pals and play some poker.  To people who don’t play, it’s hard to convey, but to those of us in my poker group, it’s a golden time for all.

To a man, we all love the game and we love the competition. We not only love our games, but we love being together, gathering and finding out how we are all doing. It’s in that subtle, man to man way that we check in, share what’s going on in our lives, and then proceed with the bravado, bluffing and competition of the poker game.

Ed Valerio, Dave Chouinard, Don Gibson and Steve Hartshorne are all pictured on the wall of my office–my stalwart poker mates, who have joined me in this game for probably ten years.  Eric Jayne is our newest player, he’s been in the circle for about three years.  I know them all so well and I can honestly say these are some of my favorite people on earth. I might not tell them that, ’cause we’re guys and all, but dammit, I love these men and I love seeing them whenever I can. Nothing could stop me from leaving my house in a just a few and sitting down to the poker table with these fine gentlemen!