Canada Media Market 2016: Flying West

Tomorrow I’m flying west, to San Francisco, where I’ll meet with my good friends who together run the publicity and press relations for all of the Canadian provinces. It’s all hands on deck at Canada Media Market, where each year it alternates between New York or San Francisco. ¬†Anyway, it’s always a fun event because so many of our Canadian provinces tourism boards are run by really great people who always are fun to hang out with and who innovate and work hard and bring in many many tourists by dint of their abilities!.

It’s two days of schmoozing and meetings, and then I am going to visit with Iliana from Stiya, the new app that collects your photos and knits them together with local information gained via GPS. I”ll have a chance to find out more about Stiya and what might just be the next big thing! That’s what’s fun about visiting Silicon Valley, you know, well, you never know what might happen. ¬† More to come!