My New iMac is a Radical Departure from the Age of Dell

The sleek iMac is so different from my old Dells...and so much easier to use.

I’ve joined the cult of the Mac.  After decades of having an office full of Dell computers, I reached my last straw when all three of these hard-working machines slowed to a crawl and once again I was faced with having to get them cleaned up.  Spend another $200 for this–or just try something completely new, an iMac!

Well, I drove down to the Apple store and they couldn’t have been nicer. Of course, when the average customer is dropping $1500 to $2000 for a desktop machine, they should be.  Incredible to me that these machines are never on special, or on sale, and nobody ever speaks of a discount.  It’s a little sad to see how busy the Apple store is compared to the rest of the stores in the Holyoke Mall.  Clerks lazily hold their phones, waiting for someone to come in, as the chipper blue-tee-shirted Apple store crew handles a crowd every day.  As if they need the money!

But I am very fond of this machine—the tiny little keyboard is wireless, as is my ‘magic trackpad’ which takes some getting used to.  It’s just so slick and so easy to use, and I keep thinking how happy I am that Russian and Chinese hackers don’t really bother writing viruses for these machines.

So far I have adapted to the many changes–made so much easier by the fact that nearly all of what I do every day is on the web, not relying on software built for the PC.  So far, so good, I already love this machine and I honestly can’t say I’ve ever felt that way about my old Dells.