Time to Turn to the Yard and Get Overdue Tasks Done

Yesterday I got some help in my yard. It was good to be outside in the sun, and getting to little tasks that have pestered me for so many years felt great.  There are always those tasks you never find time to get to–but this time I had my son-in-law with lots of time on his hands so I got him to come over and help me out.

First we set out to fix the ramp going up into the shed in my yard.  Without a gutter water has streamed down the side of the little wooden building so it was rotted out.  We removed the rotted boards and screwed a big piece of wood at the bottom so we could attach new boards to act as a loading ramp.  Then Francisco moved the clasp so that instead of having to keep the door closed with a leaning board, it would actually clasp.  Sweet!

Then it was time to attack the garden.  Peeling back the black plastic and the remains of some of last year’s plants showed that many of them were still locked in ice just inches from the surface.  You should see how hard we pulled on the old Brussels sprouts–and they wouldn’t come out.

I have big plans on expanding my garden this year, and in the way was an old iron pole, anchored in cement in the ground.  We dug down and around and rocked the massively heavy cemented pole until it leaned over.  We tugged and tugged and finally dragged it out of the earth. With the pole moved, now we had room to double the size of the garden. Spring progress!