Everywhere I Go, Everyone is Sick of This Winter

We’re all just so sick and tired of winter here in New England that we can’t even joke about it any more.  On Thursday I drove to Boston with Paul Shoul for a lunch with some Atlantic Canada tourism people. We parked on a street where every car was perched atop a snowbank. One daring Toyota FJ was teetering way up on top of a drift.  This snow is too thick to melt, so all around us are giant three and four foot drifts. Even though most of the moisture has evaporated, the snow just hangs on.

My friend Ed said that this is it–this winter has pushed him to his limit, and like many people, he is vowing to take a February vacation next year to escape. I am so glad that Mary and I got our California escape in a few weeks ago.  I am finding an overwhelming hatred on social media and in person for all things winter.

Even my parsimonious cousin Paul has given up and is now letting his propane heater come on, the heck with the cost. We too, have gladly filled up our oil tank and despite an abundance of wood, we let the oil heat come on, and thank God for low oil prices.  At my daughter’s house, they’ve been burning their woodstove non-stop since December. Six cords of wood later, the oil furnace is on and the woods almost all gone.

Come on God. It’s high time for us to stop heating our houses and for the sake of sanity, bring us warm breezes and spring. Please!