My Mantra Can Come In Handy

I have begun to truly appreciate the creature comforts, enjoying the spaciousness of my bathroom, and the thick comfortable piles of my hotel style bath towels.  I like that things are sturdy and well made, I am in my house so much because of work here, that I’ve come to enjoy looking around at my surroundings.

I have even found a mantra.  A mantra–that thing you say that comforts you, that after a long day helps you to quickly fall asleep.  My mantra that I speak to myself quietly late at night  is about how glad I am to be in my own bed, at  home, surrounded by four walls in my familiar and cozy bed chambers, in my safest place in the world.

When I travel, I am in new places, places I’ve never been, bathrooms I’ve never used, new beds I’ve never lain in before.  So that makes the mantra more potent, as I remind myself in a soft whisper, that I am in my own house and that I am safe and very warm, and the cat is right next to me, feel her soft fur, and that I am fully and utterly relaxed and letting myself give it over to the sleep realm.

When you travel, there are things out there, things to worry about and vex you, and while it’s exciting, it’s less of the pure relaxation only found at home.

Pouring myself into that next realm, not the here and now, not the alive but that space between alive and dead. Sleep.  Being still but letting our minds rev up, all night long, in dreams, while our bodies stay prone.