It’s Always Good to Be Back Home

To me there’s nothing better than getting back home to my very comfortable and familiar routine.  No matter how much fun I have on a trip and no matter how relieved I might have been to bask in the balmy temperatures of California, just waking up at my usual time 7 am, and coming down and making coffee, reading the Recorder and getting ready to go for a run all makes me very happy.

My dad taught me about how much fun a regular routine is. To know what to expect, to sleep in a very familiar bed with a familiar cat by your side, to wake up and converse with a partner you know well. It’s all safe, and what you expect, and just what I need to hit the ground running after our week touring the Central Coast.

Outside, the temp of 19 seems balmy. And while it might cool down again tonight, we’ll fill up the wood box make the blaze that keeps the cold outside.  I have a long list that I’ll write out on a yellow notepad today, and one by one I’ll check off what I have to do.

Yes, it’s great to be back to my cozy home, with my fulfilled and busy life, and the many relatives and friends who all have a part in it.  Good to be back home.