California Can’t Come Any Sooner

Icicles in DeerfieldGazing out at the crisp white snow and the icicles that hang from all the roofs, boy it’s sure time to get out of here. After speaking with my daughter and grandchildren from their 80 degree vacation spot in the Dominican Republic on Facetime, seeing the sun hitting her face and then turning the phone to show her mother-in-law our strange snow-filled yard, boy did I realize how psyched I am to be flying someplace warmer tomorrow.

Mary and I will fly to San Francisco just ahead of another winter storm and spend the night in San Mateo. Then we’ll begin a road trip down south to the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo, on the Highway 1 Discovery Route. This stretch of oceanfront highway promotes the natural beauty, wine regions and many adventure opportunities for travelers.  Our stops next week will all highlight the attractions to be found on this iconic road, where so many car commercials have been filmed and where I drive every time I come out to California.

We will stay in a farm retreat, with a vineyard and the home of the Old Edna Townsite, which back in the 1800s was once home to many ranching and farming families. We will join our hostess for dinner and learn about the region from some of her winery friends.

The week will unfold with many activities along this route, from a dunes tour to kayaking in Morro Bay, and all the while the best part will be not putting on our parkas, scarves and mittens.  I’ll share lots of photos and some interviews with locals right here, so I hope you’ll follow along as we tour Cambria, Morro Bay and meet elephant seals north of San Simeon.