Anxiety Chased Away by Good Fortune

Learned a little lesson today, one in which it’s up to me to rid myself of anxiety and bear better witness to where it comes from.   As I was leaving the house today to do an errand in the car, I look a quick glance into my mailbox, to see what had come. There were two letters I noticed, one from the Lahey clinic, and one from the company that does the Pet Scan tests for the hospital.  I had a health concern in the fall, (still do) and had to see a specialist, and have that expensive test.  I thought to myself, oh, God, these must be bills. I’m getting that dreaded bill you get after the insurance people have aleady paid.  Sort of—your turn.

But I didn’t want to take time to read it so I sped off, and with anxiety I thought I’ll deal with that later.   Then I come back home and open it, and phew!  A small invoice after 95% of it had been paid to the  Pet scan people…and a fund raising letter from Lahey.  NICE!  So the lesson today is, have faith, don’t assume the worst, and some times things will swing your way even when you worry they won’t.

We had a difficult day in the office, when a new technology partner had code that we couldn’t use on our site. So the hopes of having new ad revenue and some tailored ad assistance are not going to come to fruition. But many other irons remain in the fire, so we’ll see what we can do on our own, without any outside assistance for now.