A Snowy January Day

It’s a new year and I’m finally FINALLY getting back to this groove. It’s funny because I’ve approached this screen half a dozen times and yet I haven’t posted.   I start thinking about posting and then never do. I understand why so many blogs are abandoned, but fear not, Readuponit still has a pulse and will continue to include lots of new posts in 2015.

Today’s a snow day in the Valley, and because of the white stuff I went out and tried to start my 4×4 truck, thinking it would be a better way to travel over the snow.  But the battery died, so I left it in the driveway and took my car.  I have been very pleased recently with the progress we’ve made in clearing out the garage. There’s enough room in their to park my car, and it never fails to thrill me to get into a snow-free car and drive away.

I”m here at the Brass Buckle cafe, with just one other customer who has braved the snow. I’m waiting to meet my friend Jack but I anticipate that he will cancel, because snow days mean a huge amount of work for this chap since he’s in the apartment business. These days I have been torn by indecision. I’m interested in finding a co-working space some where so that I won’t have to spend the entire week alone in my office. And one has presented itself to me, but I’m concerned about how far it is from my house.  I haven’t been a regular commuter since I opened my office in Deerfield in 2005.  So what would it be like to drive 30 minutes a day to go to work?

I”m going to give it a chance for a few days, see how it feels, and see if it works for me.  My fingers are crossed that another place might open up in nearby South Deerfield or Greenfield, providing me with this same camraderie without the drive.