Mridula Gets Her Own Domain, a Top Indian Travel Blogger

Mridula on cotton.

Long ago, a young Indian professor named Mridula Dwivedi started sending her stories into GoNOMAD.  We were in our little red office, this was back in 2005, and Steve kept publishing more and more of her stories. She traveled only in India and all of the stories had the travel weary reality of long grinding bus trips, punishing long walks, and other details of tough trips. We loved how intrepid and eager she was to keep on traveling, and writing and shooting so many excellent photos.

Now she’s moving to her own website domain, you can find her at her new home

She has wonderful followers who love to comment frequently and she’s been traveling up a storm to many destinations out of India, including Thailand and Sri Lanka. We wish her much success and we promise to visit her blog, we are always happy to see our bloggers progress into having their own websites.