Dr Samuel Gladstone to Retire After Serving with Distinction

Samuel Gladstone MD
Samuel Gladstone MD

I’ve been lucky in life to have had a steady hand looking over my health since 1991. That’s when I began to visit Dr Samuel Gladstone as my personal physician. I can look at my chart every visit, much of it hand written in Sam’s unique style of penmanship. I got a letter from the good doc announcing his retirement from practicing in Amherst.

I have always felt confident and well taken care of, as I bet his hundreds of patients all around Amherst would say too. He really was very good at his chosen craft, and made me feel good.

Here is some of what he said in his farewell letter.

“You have all helped me to live my lifelong dream of being a family physician in the town in which I live.

I plan on growing old in Amherst, so if you see me around town, please say hello. Some of you don’t like to acknowledge our relationship in public, so I will try not to make the first move.

It has been an honor to be your physician and to have had you share your life with mine, thank you for that opportunity.


Samuel Gladstone MD