TBEX Excitement Is Contagious Here in Cancun

I’m with my peeps, my tribe, my travel buddies from all over the world, who are assembled here in Cancun to share their success, their tribulations, their glamorous stories of exotic travel and their frustrations  as they navigate new channels.  It’s always an exciting time and I am always glad I made the effort to come and be a part of it.  It’s the TBEX time of year!

Last night it was sultry  and humid at the Moon Palace’s oceanfront patio, where Expedia sponsored a party and we were greeted with margaritas by smiling staff.  I noshed on some tacos and joined Tim Leffel and Lee Abbamonte, two big time travelers, in conversation and laughter.  Tim and I are business associates, so we’re always on the look out for opportunities to increase our business, and Lee is here as the keynote speaker. His claim to fame is his epic travels–he’s visited every country in the world, and he’s not even 35 yet!

Johnny Jet was at the party and he shot a selfie with me, a tradition of his that he’s done with presidents, popes and movie stars. His lovely wife Natalie DiScala was also at the party, and in the afternoon she led a talk about how to do better things on Pinterest. That’s the kind of nuggets I’m happy to come away with, tips on how to create ‘rich pins’  and ‘place pins’ that have an exponentially higher effect than regular Pinterest pins.  Sorry for all the inside baseball, but hey, it’s what I do.