The Big Wedding Weekend of 2014

Today I had to put down the duties of publishing for far more important work, with a much stricter task master. We are getting ready for a wedding. A big one. The daughter!  And thus was there a list created and on that list were many things that would not  wait just one more minute to be done.

Guests in my house get credit for being the reasons we clean, clean and clean like we should all of the time, when we know visitors are coming. We want to have a clean house, and now, motivation arrives when the countdown began. So I’m squeezing in a break between washing all of the wood floors,  vacuuming everything, mowing the lawn and picking up my suit at the dry cleaner’s.

Weddings are special, important and for us it seems, rare. We don’t have that many weddings to go to, so it’s fun to pull out all the stops and have fun.  This wedding will take place on a farm, and a beautiful tent and set-up has been long planned and orchestrated. The family is coming in from far away, many from Pittsburgh, others from New England, to celebrate with Emily and David.  I don’t have to give a speech, just enjoy the visiting family and the ceremony. Weddings do always elicit a tear from me, the vows and the rituals are dear and cherished.

After the wedding we can resume our normal lives and deadlines. But for now, plan to look good, host good and be ready for the Big Wedding Weekend of 2014!