Under the Dome

Indoor Action Sports Bernardston MA.
Indoor Action Sports is a great place for a very large party.

I had big plans on Saturday night, and happy to report, they did not disappoint. My two cousins, Paul and Steve, were joining me on an excursion to Bernardston, to the pictured dome here. It turned out to be a tremendous party filled with many friends and a great sound from being inside a domed soccer stadium.

It seemed like many of the people who were there, some of whom were dressed in appropriately ‘sporty’ apparel like gym shorts, cheerleader’s skirts and cleats, knew Dre Rawlins from her previous parties in unusual locales. One comment Paul made summed up why I wanted to go: “So many times I think about going out to parties like this, but so many times I just don’t go.”

I was tired of staying home on Saturday night too. So we put on nice shoes, bellied up the bar for some local Deerfield beers and listened to the great sounds of And the Kids plus another band called The Math.

Anika, one of the owners of the Brass Buckle, looking sporty in the dome.
Anika, one of the owners of the Brass Buckle, looking sporty in the dome.

People kicked soccer balls and danced in the gloriously uncrowded dome. JD and Anika from the Brass Buckle were there serving up nachos with okra. Really.

I ran into a friend and she introduced me to her partner. He said he does lighting for reality TV shows like Bar Rescue. Another man I met was named Chris, his was Dre’s partner. He makes natural pools for people who want to swim chlorine-free in very natural type ponds he makes. I also spent some time with a Springfield realtor who is getting cozy with the folks at MGM Casino. Should be a great ride!

It was a bunch of interesting people and we danced long into the night to an excellent DJ. Her signs say “Just Joan,” but her real name is Casey. I was very glad I ventured out into the night.

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