The Budos Band Brings Afro Soul from Staten Island to Noho Tonight

The Budos Band blows into Pearl Street Ballroom tonight and we’ll be front and center. I have been listening to this 10-piece orchestra that plays Afro-soul without the benefit of singers on Spotify, and I can’t wait to see them live.

That’s kind of unique, no vocals. But what I love most are their grooves, they can build up a hypnotic rhythm that flows like any good jam band.

I always love it when a new band I’ve never heard of joins the legions of musicians who play in the fair city of Northampton. We are so lucky, I often say, when I visit places like Princeton New Jersey where there king_cobrais plenty of money but virtually no live music. We don’t have the bucks here but we have the music, that’s for sure.

The Budos Band uses the symbol of a striking cobra as their band mascot.  They record at Daptone Records, and they call their music “the quintessence of Staten Island Soul.”  Here is how they describe their live shows:

“At any given Budos show, one might see b-boys break dancing to the band’s funk and hip-hop beats; record junkies nodding their heads to the soul-infused melodies; metal heads thrashing to the dark and ominous guitar and bass riffs; and general music lovers who eagerly attend Budos shows and smile approvingly at the melting pot of music that takes place. Simply put, The Budos kill the live show and with each record, their ability to put the energy, sweat, and passion of the live experience to wax increases.”

See you on the dance floor!