A Community Supper in South Deerfield This Friday: Bringing People Together

Julie Cavacco wants to bring people together in our small village of South Deerfield.  So that’s why she’s organizing a community supper this Friday night, with a free dinner for anyone who wants to sit down at the table at the Congregational church on North Main Street from 6-7 pm.

I admire that Julie is putting this together, and I totally understand why she wants to do it.  Like Julie, I like feeling a sense of community, and I like occasions where I can talk to the people who live nearby and share what’s new in their lives. That’s why I like living in a village, and not way out in the country.

Even if you don’t live in town, you’re welcome to come to the supper, I know this because someone asked the question on the event’s Facebook page.  Julie answered yes.

I have admired the work that Candice Bradbury-Carlin and others have put in to create Community Central in Deerfield, with events like their arts show and some similar supper events. Both Julie and Candice used to come to my cafe in town, they miss that feeling of having a central place where people  congregate, so they’re working on events like these to bring people together.

With our new Arts Bank and its art openings and events, we’re working toward having a town with people who are connected.  Cheers to Julie for her efforts, it takes work and nerve to organize and pull these events off.