Speaking to SATW and at the New York Times Travel Show this Month

I was interviewed by the Society of American Travel Writers for their newsletter, and they published it yesterday.  It is about how to get published for the first time and includes tips for writers to get editors interested in using their stories.  READ INTERVIEW

I tried to join this group a few years  ago,  and the executive committee shot me down. But I think that this year might be the year that I join up, a lot of my travel writer friends enjoy being in the group.

I’ll be speaking with my friend Paul Shoul at the New York Times Show again this year, it will be on Saturday March 1 at 4 pm. Our topic will be images—how images are now the thing that most defines the stories and how you have to be able to present the photos as well as the text if you want to get your stories published.

The show is always a good time, and we have discounts for anyone who wants to come see the show on Saturday or Sunday.  Use the code GONOMAD14 for $3.00 off tickets for the NY Times Travel Show.