New York Times Travel Show is on Tap This Weekend

I am burning the midnight oil getting ready for something I do every year. I am speaking about travel photography at the New York Times Travel show on Saturday. So I have to prepare my slides and feel reasonably comfortable that I can speak for a 50 minute session.

It’s funny how every year some of the same things come up and I always worry that I an unprepared…but my worrying forces me to work harder, making a better presentation, out of the shear fear that I’ll bomb. I am glad that my colleague Paul Shoul is going to be taking on half of the speaking duties, it will be fun to watch him describe his techniques. I’ve long admired him as a shooter, and he deserves some recognition in the NY limelight!

I probably won’t bomb, but these butterflies of anxiety are familiar and good motivators. But the best parts of the show are the get-togethers with colleagues in various parties and events over the weekend. I will be meeting up with one of my NYC pals Bruce Northam, and I’m sure there will be lots to catch up since he’s a busy traveler and gets to a lot of great parties. He told me proudly yesterday that he is pursuing speaking gigs as his living in 2014. So far he’s been flown to Borneo and soon departs for Kuwait for another keynote. Good on ya!