BB Gun Shooters Will be Arrested Soon

When two men drove through Northampton last week and fired a bb gun out of their car windows, me and many of my friends were enraged that this could have happened, and hoped that someone would throw the book at them.  And just as I had hoped, the long prong of justice is getting ready to grasp these two dopes and punish them.

In the Republican on Saturday, it was revealed that a cop on the beat happened to write down the license plate of the car, even before he knew that they were shooting out of its windows.  He wrote the plate number because he thought the car looked suspicious.
Now a 23-year-old from Palmer and a 22 year old from East Longmeadow are suspects–and soon they will be getting a knock on their doors.

It sounds like the cops know just exactly who they’re after and there was surveillance camera footage that also helped identify them. I can’t wait to see what they charge them with–and I hope they can wring at least $5000 out of them which is the cost of their shooting rampage.

But the real cost was to the people who must have been scared out of their wits when windows began cracking, especially those sitting in the front part of Local Burger and other storefronts like Hugos, when the shots were fired.