Red Sox Fever Goes Back a Long Time

It’s World Series time! I have a mixed relationship with the Big Fall Game, because of the many years that it’s interfered with my birthday celebrations.  I remember many years when the game would happen just the night we decided to celebrate my birthday  and it would always be interrupted by having to watch it.  I guess I liked it some years, but other years I resented its intrusion.

But there are great World Series memories I can recall. One was the glorious year of 2004, when the Sox beat New York in the ALCS after being down three games. I was in Nantucket, back in my shirt peddling days, and I will never forget watching a game while in a bar, eating up their at the bar, and I remember the excitement as the game turned. Amazing, we looked at each other stunned, happy, in solidarity. It went on the next few days, more exciting games, Wow that was a great year!!

Now the Sox are winning the first game of World Series 2013.  The game looks clinched, but hey, it’s only 6th inning. Let’s just hope we can land a win and get the momentum going to the Red Sox.