A Perfect Sunday for New England’s Pats and Sox

Sunday was a great example of why sports makes life better and how fun it can be to cheer on a team. Two teams, actually. It was also the timing–a football game that starts at 1 pm on a Sunday is a deal breaker. There’s way too much to do to sit glued to the tube as the sunshine pours down. No, way better to have the game start at 4 pm, by then you’ve already done some chores and enjoyed some outside time.

So we made a fire and watched the Pats play the Saints. It was all pretty and I felt confident the Pats would be able to pull off the win. Then a few stumbles, and by God, they were down and on their way to losing. Two friends from Facebook shared their stories–Matt Thurber was in the stands at Gillette and packed up to leave. But they instead found high priced seats down low that had already been vacated and stayed to watch the end. Nick Grabbe turned off the set and had no idea of what happened, til he turned on his computer the next morning.

I mean it was all in the final play, the final FIVE SECONDS! A Brady hurl to a rookie receive, and my God there they go on to the win!

Later that night it was time for the Red Sox. These games have been pitcher’s duels, long drawn our strike outs and not a lot of hits. Down 5-1, eighth inning, I gave up and started watching the Cowboys versus the Redskins. They I hear a cry from the living room–my God, Big Papi hits a grand slam and all of a sudden the Sox have tied it.

How much better could it get? The Sox went on to drive in a run and win, and that about perfectly wraps up a weekend of sports that left all of New England happy.