A Good Day for a Final Paddle

Today one of my Facebook friends reported that she woke up at 6 am in her home in Cleveland, looked out the window at six inches of snow, then decided to go back to bed.  Another friend posted a highway en route to Elmira New  York, covered with a white dusting.

Despite the chilly temps, today is the day I’m joining my pal Jack for a final paddle of the season. Is this a good idea? I’m not sure, but I’m going anyway. We will head up to Barton’s Cove and paddle north toward the French King Bridge.  Kayaking is one of many things that I always want to do more of, and sadly, only do a few times a year. Having a motivator like Jack helps get me out of the house.

Jack is my outdoor inspiration-guy. I can always count on him to want to hike, bike or paddle, and so, here I go.

But before this, I’m on for lunch with a very old friend. Joe has been my buddy since we went to Northfield Mount Hermon School in the late 1970s.  He always takes me out to lunch for my birthday, it’s a tradition. So it’s Paul and Elizabeth’s for some delicious terriyaki bluefish, salad and of course, pie.