Dishcrawl Rolls on, This Time in Greenfield

This is the best time of the summer. Finally, finally, the weather is sultry and perfect. Temps like this make me want to get outside as much as I can. And to think that I was just contemplating taking the air conditioner out of the window!

Tonight is another Dishcrawl, this event is a lot of fun. Up to 28 people will assemble at a local restaurant, tonight we’ll start at the Greenfield Grill. And then we’ll proceed to as yet un-named restaurants throughout the town. I can always count that they will be located quite near each other, so I think I can guess our route. Still local Dishcrawl leader Jenn Iannuzzi likes to keep it up in the air and throw a few curve balls.

I am worried about this drumbeat to suddenly launch cruise missiles over at Syria. I think it’s horrible of course that Assad has gassed his own people, but I just wonder if we won’t regret another attack of a mideastern country. In the Wall Street Journal last night, Bret Stephens wrote a column urging the President to launch the missiles right at Assad, and to assassinate him. So far no members of the administration have gone that far.

I wonder what I will be thinking when I re-read this blog in one year. I was scared when we started raining them down on Iraq. Well, I’ll try to focus on things I can control–and Syria isn’t one of them.