Over the Deerfield River on I-91, A Peek at the New Highway between the Bridges

The big pylons being built to support girders and the new highway between the two bridges.

A few times a week I drive on Rte 91 and look down to where the new bridges are being built over the Deerfield river.

The project, costing about $40 million, is set to be completed by 2016. Today I finally got to see what the bridge that is being built between the two existing bridges looks like.

If you’re driving across the bridge in either direction, you can’t see down here where the road turns from black pavement to dirt.

I parked my truck and hopped the guardrail as trucks and cars whizzed past, just a few feet from where I was standing.

New highway between the two bridges being replaced over the Deerfield River.
The pavement will veer into the middle of the two bridges on 91, here you can see the area that goes down to where you can’t see it from the highway bridge.

Massive pylons are being built to hold the roadway that will take cars down only about twenty feet above the Deerfield River.

I wondered what kayakers and rafters would do, but was glad to see that there is still plenty of room for them to pass by under the new bridge.

This shows where the new pavement will be put in.
This shows where the new pavement will be put in.

On the right side, a footbridge has been built for workers. There will be three large pylons and the girders up at the top of the roadway will be put on top so the road can continue.

Then workers will tear down the two bridges on either side and rebuild them, as the cars travel in the middle.