Dishcrawl Pioneer Valley Invades Easthampton

A really exciting place these days is… Easthampton! People are talking about Popcorn Noir, and Coco and the Cellar Bar, and that great rail trail so easy to come from Northampton. I want to spend more time in Easthampton. In a few weeks is a great way for you to enjoy it too. It’s the Dishcrawl Pioneer Valley’s Easthampton dining experience.

I was contacted by Jennifer Iannaconi, an ambassador for Dishcrawl Pioneer Valley. They have these events all over the US.  People love the fact that they don’t know where they eating, and have to try and guess before it is announced when they arrive in Easthampton.

You won’t know the four restaurants until after you get there. It’s on Tuesday July 30. To get info go to Easthampton Dishcrawl event.