After Solid Sound, I Advance to the Solid State

I am zipping along here, having made a major improvement to my four-year-old Macbook laptop. Have you ever seen how fast a solid state drive is, compared to the spinning hard drives we find in most computers and laptops? It’s incredible. It’s as fast as an iPad, and nothing needs to spin to work. Beautiful!

I hired a guy named Alvin who I found on Craig’s list, and I was delighted with how everything worked out. After we had started the work, he asked me why I chose him from the many choices of computer repair guys I could have picked from Craig’s List. Well, I said, you got back to me right away, you seem competent and you showed up right on time. For me, that’s all I need!

Now that I have a whip sharp computer I have got to be careful not to let the same thing happen to me again as before. That means, when somebody sends me a huge file I have to resist the temptation to download it. No, I’ll just read it and leave it at that. My Macbook originally came with a hard drive that was 275 gigs, this new solid state unit is just 120. So I’ll resist downloading anything at all and defer to using the cloud for storage instead my sleek new hard drive.

I wanted to help out my new tech friend, so I introduced Alvin to my friend Joe Frimpong. Joe runs a computer shop in South Deerfield called PC Clinic. People sometimes bring Macs into Joe and he has to tell them, sorry I can’t fix Macs. Now he can call up Alvin, get the job done, and everybody is happy. Win-win. It’s how I like to roll.