Time to Dig a Garden…but How Big Should it Be?

Am I digging too big a hole? Too ambitious?  Am I really going to take care of and weed this big a garden? Today I set out to start my garden. Last year I was pretty cautious, planting just five or six short rows, but as so often happens, now I am hungry for more. I am considering making my patch bigger, but am not sure that I’ll be able to keep it all under control.

But one thing that made a world of difference last year was using plastic sheets to control the weeds. Everything planted beneath the black or red plastic is the key for me.  Next door to my little garden, Mary has decided to put in a new fangled thing called a square foot garden.

It’s a six by six raised bed and everything grows in a little one-foot by one-foot box. So she’ll have a tiny patch of each veggie instead of my longer rows.

Gardening is a joy….coming home to check the progress of my plants is endlessly entertaining. Soon I’ll go out and buy the already grown starts, because I just can’t wait to plant seeds. Plus I’m not as good at it as some people.

OK, the spade is ready. Time to dig in!