Stories at Parties

I love the stories that you hear when you’re thrown into a party with dozens of strangers and just a few oasises  of people you know.  I went to a rockin’ party last night and here are two of the stories.

A woman said she was married for ten years, and when she finally knew they were getting a divorce, she decided to wait seven more months. Because he was moving to France. So she went too, enjoying the conclusion of her marriage in this wonderful country.

My friend Shawn introduced me to his fiancee, who is the production manager for a local theater. During the night’s performance an actor on stage had cut out of character to chastise a man who began sending a text message from his seat in the audience. “Put that away,” the actor thundered from stage. He kept on saying it long enough to completely bust the mood of the play, and the show never really recovered.  I guess those asides that they do so well on The Office don’t work when you’re chastising an audience member in a local theater group.

There was a man who said that lots of his friends have discovered vaporizing for marijuana consumption.They are using devices that are all the rage for cigarette smokers who want to quit but want to get the nicotine without the smoke and tar. It’s a little plastic thing that looks like a kazoo.

Instead of smoking the weed, they suck the THC out of it, leaving not ash but a sort of shriveled up piece of pot.  It uses little batteries to vaporize the buds.  “Now that I’m older I don’t want to be smoking, my lungs can’t take it. Now I get the same without the smoke.”