Bluetooth Brings Ease to Many Things

It is time for the final four . It is the first time I’ve ever used a wireless keyboard, but boy….do I like it.  I have the iPad tiled up against the wall, and the keyboard fits easily here in my easy chair. I think I know what my next computer will be. With this bluetooth set up, I think you really can get away with not having a full sized laptop.

I got a Braven wireless speaker sent a few weeks ago and it works. Tempermental, but it works, that was my first Bluetooth gadget.   I have had some great times playing Spotify using the portable speaker, but have also had a share of disappointment. When it just couldn’t get connected, refusing to recognize each other’s signals and leaving me frustrated.

But tonight, well, it’s working perfectly. This keyboard is big enough to a let me type quickly, despite being a out a foot long, it’s plenty big for all of my fingers without touching each other.

I was riding in a car recently and saw an iPhone playing through a car speakers using Bluetooth.  It worked great, she was playing Pandora, a web music service in her Honda.  So there are three great reasons to figure out how to use Bluetooth and to take advantage of how it simplifies my life.   That is what all of these devices are about, right?