The Moments When Working at Home is the Best

There are a few things that make working at a home office a pleasure. But there are also moments when you get sick of talking to the cat and wish there were co-workers sitting next to you who you could talk with about last night’s game, or what’s for dinner.

After five months of working at my home office, I’ve learned a few things. One of the best is that feeling you get after you have breakfast with your significant other, and she runs around trying to get her lunch, her laptop, and her snacks all organized to take with her.  She’s glancing up at the clock, it’s about to strike 8:15 which means it’s time to go. She’s happy to be here, a mere minutes away from work, but still, the time slips by and it’s easy to be late.

The work at home dude relaxes, making sure to sit down to breakfast without distractions of iPhones or laptops, since this brief interlude will be the only conversation we will have until dinner time. After we’ve had our coffee, and enjoyed breakfast together, a mad rush ensues to get all of that stuff she’s organized into the car and not forget anything. The door closes.

And that moment, right there, is the best thing about working from home.  I pad around in my pajamas, I get another cup of coffee, I sit back and relax. I am not going anywhere, so I can take these moments to just ponder what I’m going to do today.

When I was very small I remember thinking about what my mother would do after we all left on the school bus. She too had a stay at home job–she was a housewife. I was always a bit jealous of how she was going to just stay right there in the house while we all left for school and dad for the office.

While some day I hope to have another office full of fantastic employees, I’m content now with the work at home life.  Kitty, what do you think?