A Pair of Bald Eagles Circled Overhead

The Patriots are playing in London, and they’ve painted the grass over there an iridescent green. I looked over and my neighbor was shoveling mulch, trying to make a dent in a six-yard pile he got delivered last week. I’d rather shovel this before it’s got 4 inches of rain on top of it.  There is an eeriness to the skies, they were striped grey down by the Connecticut river as I joined my three cousins and took a walk.

Overhead, a pair of bald eagles flew, flapping all the way no gliding.  It feels like everyone is marking time, trying not to think of what might happen to our coasts tomorrow night.  I keep thinking about what is going to happen to the low lying areas, especially JFK airport and the subways in New York’s lower Manhattan.

My cousins.I try to fast forward but I’m still here…in the present, where all that’s threatening is a scary sky, no wind, no rain.  We’ve got a lot of water, and the other things you should have. What will happen?  Does anyone remember the last time forecasters used terms like ‘castastrophic and devastating?’

Last night we were talking about other times these fears have cropped up….Gloria, in the 1980s, for one. We were let out of work and school early and waited and waited and nothing happened.

I hope that this is published very soon, not delayed, as this is the feeling on Sunday, two days before any storms have hit. I pray for the best but I fear for the worst.