When Three Sites Combine, Good Things Happen

So many things swirl around my head on this early morning. Good things, swirling hither and yon, things that I’m worried about but not bad things–just challenges.I would much rather face steep learning curves than battle deficits of income…so I’ll get on a conference call with my fellow webmasters today and figure it all out.

We have banded together–my website and two other travel sites–and we are working with an advertiser who wants to reach all of our audiences. It’s a smart idea because on our own, none of us would merit a look, but as we combined our social media output, our pageviews, our visitors and our Klout, it all looks pretty good. It’s a sponsorship package that is a model of how to proceed in this internet advertising world.

I think that since we are each only asking for one third of the revenue, the advertisers feel that it’s a fair deal for them too. After this three-month campaign, we have another pair of advertisers who like what we presented. This could be the start of something big!