GoNOMAD Travel on Mobile: Read us where you like

Our website on the iPhone.

I am playing around with my new website and it’s fun. I am finally able to say that we have a better mobile site than I thought we would.  As a person who uses an iPhone incessantly, I can say how important the mobile look is. Now a screen tells you to download the icon so that it goes on somebody’s phone icon list. Nice!  Look at it on your phone:


Tell me what you think.  I’m curious about how other people use their phones, and to find out reactions to this new site that’s built for the smallest screens.

How many people do you know who just use their phone for email, browsing and shopping, and barely crack open their laptops?   We are figuring that the answer to this number will be ‘more and more’ so we’re prepared.  I hope that soon we’ll be able to have travel videos on the site and all within the comfy confines of a 3 1/2″ high screen.