Executive Valet is Where I Always Park at Bradley

Executive Valet, Suffield CT, next to Bradley Airport.
Executive Valet, Suffield CT, next to Bradley Airport. The best place to park.

When you’re off on a trip, you mostly think about where you’ll be staying when you get there. You plan a rough itinerary, maybe leave some wiggle room for whatever might happen along the route, but for most part the plans involve the destination. But what about your car?  Where to park your car at Bradley?

Since 2002, when I bought GoNOMAD Travel and got into the business, I’ve parked my car using the same company in Suffield, called Executive Valet. I think it’s time for me to give them a shout-out, they are consistently so polite and helpful, and I have never had a bad experience.

Recently they moved down the road and built a whole new building. They configured the cars and the pavement so it’s even easier to get your car. They put in a Keurig machine so you can gulp down a fresh cup of coffee when you’re bleary eyed for a 6 am flight. I’m amazed at how many of these I fly on!

It matters what the people are like at the parking lot, when you are checking in at these tender early hours. It’s also nice to have a jolly driver who is friendly and talkative, most of the time I’m traveling alone so it’s nice to communicate.  These guys are great, I’d recommend them any time you’re flying outta Bradley.