Being Grandpa is Way Better than Being Dad

grandkids e1348329829948
my grandchildren Sofie and Nathan.

My mom first clued me in. Being a grandparent is beyond satisfying, it’s like getting a do-over for the mistakes you made when you raised your own kids, until they had kids. I have a few friends who are now just experiencing multiple child rearing, and having completed my stint, I can only say, grandparent hood is way better. Why?

When the cherubs are dropped off, it’s a special time. I am happy to see them, and happy to have them so I’ve planned out what we will do. For gramps, they will do all of the things they have to, brushing teeth, taking baths, going to bed….no worries. I’m sure it’s much harder being mom or dad. I like to give them jobs and see how they do. So we have Sofie up on the chair, making pizzas and helping put the toppings on the pie. What fun!

I was a little surprised that it might be possible to love little kids who are grandchildren exactly as much as you loved your kids when you raised them. I would say it’s about even! Now I know why my mother said what a joy, what a privilege, what a great slice of my life, the time I spent with my smallest relatives.