Sitting is a Killer, So Here’s a Cure

I’ve been terrified in recent years by all of the bad press that sitting at a desk all day elicits among the medical community. I read that I could shorten my life by all of this sitting, and that according to anthropologists, man was not meant to sit and sit for hours. The worse part, the reports state, is that after we work all day at our desks, we come home to sit on a comfy couch or our favorite easy chair. Uh oh.

I posted about this on Facebook, seeking some ideas. My cousin Shady, who always seems to be ahead of the curve, showed a picture of his stand-up desk. Really? It looks like a regular desk but it is high up, enough so that the screen faces you when you’re on your feet.

I am typing this blog on my laptop while standing up. It’s not that comfortable and I’m eager to sit back down after it’s written. How do people do this? Maybe it’s the angle that’s wrong. I’m looking down at the laptop screen, it’s about waist high. I guess these stand up desks bring it all the way up to ergonomically correct proportions. So I walk outside and grab a plastic milk crate–hey, now my keyboard is right up here and it’s not that bad!

To think that sitting all day is bad for you is kind of scary. Maybe I should bring this milk crate down to the office and try it out with my other computer. Maybe there is something to this. I gotta sit down, this is tiring me out!